• Swedish Body Massage
    An energising massage breaking down lactic acid, stress and tension through the body leaving you feeling relaxed yet restored (1 hour)

  • Swedish Half Body Massage
    After discussion with Venessa, problem areas will be targeted within this 30-minute massage easing away tension, aches and pains.

  • Holistic Back Massage     
    A blend of Eastern and Western techniques including visualisation, breathwork, Swedish, Ayurvedic and Tai massage techniques to completely relax and ease tension away.  30 minutes of heaven.

  • Indian Head Massage
    A 30 minutes Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage learnt in India itself from Ayurvedic Practioners. If you are wanting to simply relax, aid insomnia, hair loss, migraines, eye strain, then this is for you.  You'll float away feeling tension ease through your head, neck and shoulders and upper back.

  • Foot and Leg Massage
    An invigorating and refreshing treat for tired, aching muscles in the legs and tired feet.  30 minutes of complete bliss.

  • Reiki Healing
    An ancient healing technique balancing the chakras, energy centres of the etheric body.  Restoring energy levels and removing negative blocks within the energy field leaving your body, mind and soul feeling a sense of release and balance.

  • Reiki Massage Combination
    A blend of both massage and Reiki together to enhance and speed up the healing process of body, mind and soul.  A popular and highly effective combination.

  • Thermal Auricular Therapy
    A relaxing, gentle, non invasive and highly effective ear treatment to balance, cleanse and remove toxins from the ear using specialised ear candles. Benefits range from improved hearing, clarity, balance, sinus relief, tinnitus eased and many more.

  • Luxury Back Treatment
    A delightful 1-hour relaxation and detoxification treatment incorporating a cleanse, tone, exfoliation, holistic back, neck and shoulder massage using a blend of massage, breathing and visualisation techniques from around the world such as Tai, Ayurvedic and Swedish massage.  A deep cleansing mask and hydration treatment will leave you feeling cleansed, refreshed and recharged.  Why not give it a try?  Imagine having a facial on your back, a real treat for this hard to reach area.