My Background

After initially working as a Beauty Therapist for 6 years and gaining valuable knowledge and experience working on 6* Cruise Ships I felt the need to work with people on a non-invasive but deeper level and therefore began studying Complimentary/Holistic Therapies. 

Venessa practising yoga on a rooftop yoga space overlooking the ocean in IndiaMy love of travel thereafter took me backpacking to countries including South Africa, Australia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Israel and not forgetting India where I had already begun a Spiritual Path.  My experience abroad introduced me to countless numbers of Holistic Therapies of which I learnt along the way.  


In India I had the privilege of studying with Ayurveda Doctors learning massage techniques and gaining knowledge of Ayurveda’s ancient medical system.  India being the Yoga capital of the world also introduced me to a healing and restoring system I could not resist, YOGA.  

I trained as a Yoga Teacher and teach Hatha Yoga on a one to one basis for £40 and small groups to usually approximately £40 to £60 per hour, depending on numbers.  

My work in South India, Kerala included volunteering for the International Animal Rescue assisting Vets, giving massage and Reiki as a combination.  

Venessa with Jaya, one if her  Ayurvedic massage teachers in Kerala

Venessa Rayner-GreenHolistic Therapies are fast becoming respected and recognised by the medical profession as studies are proving the huge benefits of the Holistic principle that the wellbeing of the body is completely connected and affected by the mind and spirit.  My continuous study has allowed me to incorporate both Eastern and Western techniques from around the world thus providing the ultimate feeling of peace and relaxation, it’s heaven on earth!Wake-Up-Happyvenessa