Reiki head massage

Reiki pronounced (Ray-Key) is an ancient system of natural healing believed to have originally been used by Tibetan Buddhist Monks. It was since rediscovered in 1800 by a Japanese Doctor, Dr Mikao Usui, during a mystical experience.

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Reiki is a powerful healing technique that stimulates the body's own natural healing potential by gradually shifting out any negative energy that is within our energy field and therefore blocking our natural flow of the Universal Life Force.

This life force keeps us balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually but is often disrupted by life experiences, old out worn thought patterns and suppressing of emotions gradually weakening the body's function.

Reiki works on an individual on all levels of being therefore encouraging mind and emotions to be more balanced and positive. Reiki also alleviates pain, eases stress and promotes a deep sense of relaxation and well-being, bringing with it a feeling of considerable inner peace.

  • Initial Treatment and Consultation:
    • Venessa is a qualified Reiki Master / Teacher / Healer.
    • Reiki courses are available in Level 1 and Level II. 
    • Please telephone for prices and more information.