Ayurvedic Massage












  • Ayurvedic massage incorporates the use of a variety of oils for specific dosha types applied to the body.
  • All of the vital fluids in the body are controlled by the flow of the life force energy (Prana) which follows certain pathways and can be affected through key points, called Marmas, of which there are 107 in the body.
  • It is through the use of massage and applied pressure to these Marmas in combination with specific oils that the body can be restored to balance which induces a deep state of relaxation and wellbeing.

    Half Body Massage

    • Half Body Ayurvedic massage is available at £45 which consists of head, neck, shoulder, back and legs. This is a 1 hour treatment of pure indulgence using traditional Ayurvedic oils derived from India to balance the doshas.
    • Venessa has studied this remarkable healing technique in India from Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners over the years, returning regularly to enhance her skills and techniques.  An exhilarating yet relaxing experience helping to free the body and mind of unwanted energy and tension.
    • Full Body Massage is also available.
    • Consultation required on 1st treatment @ £5